Moorgate & Co is an independent partner-owned merchant banking advisory firm with offices in Munich and London. Further to providing select equity investments and general advice on corporate finance and M&A, we offer a broad range of services such as equity and debt advisory, fund raising, restructuring as well as ECM advisory for firms in the small to mid-cap segment and beyond.

We primarily work with family-owned and entrepreneur-owned firms and seek to provide advice from a ‘principal to principal’ perspective.

We are committed to building strong relationships with our clients, tailoring our advice to the specific needs of a given situation whilst bearing in mind the long-term vision and objectives that drive shareholder value. Our high professional standards, flexibility, integrity, and reliability offer a significant value proposition for our clients.

Moorgate & Co combines the many years of international investment banking experience of its own principals with the extensive added expertise of its independent advisors and advisory board members, who have backgrounds in strategy, management consulting and business operations at leading international companies. Thus, we can offer our clients comprehensive advisory solutions that integrate all financial, strategic and operational elements at hand.

For situations that involve Asia, Moorgate & Co’s international network in this region is a further advantage to firms who seek access to these markets. Our advisory board and industry relationships help facilitate entry into these markets and open dialogues with important business and political leaders.

Since we do not undertake activities in the fields of sales, trading or lending activities, we are and remain an independent firm, free of numerous conflicts of interest that could arise at larger, fully integrated financial institutions.