A successful equity transaction and strategy goes hand in hand with a company's long term strategic planning. For this reason, Moorgate & Co operates as a strategic consultant and financial advisor particularly in the phase of pre and post M&A advisory in addition to our more ‘plain vanilla’ corporate finance services.

Our clients often are not sufficiently prepared for a transaction. Particularly medium sized enterprises are in need of intense strategic advice regarding a coherent equity story and the technical preparation for a transaction. Thus, we often see the necessity of taking measures to increase the value and attractiveness of the company and by that contribute directly to the success of buying/ selling a business or business unit.

Pre M&A consulting

Moorgate & Co takes pride in working closely with the clients to understand and correctly assess the operations and financial condition of a business with regard to a transaction. The fact that many of our client companies are owner lead or family owned make it even more important that we understand our clients‘ needs and are sensitive towards their highly valued asset. The companies our clients built often represent more than just personal wealth. We therefore make recommendations and assist as required regarding key issues such as

Utilisation of our Asian network